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A Role-playing Exercise

A role-playing exercise is an interview practice. It is designed to see your skills in real-life situations. In this exercise, you have a chance to show off your potential, your ability to think on your feet and work spontaneously. You will be given some guidelines and time to prepare.

The skills you are expected to show include dealing with customers, getting people to purchase your products, firing team members who do not work up to par, etc. Keep track of all the data that you are provided: it will guide you in the best course of action to depict the role. It will also help you anticipate potential obstacles.

Act as close to real-life as possible. Focus on the practical details and avoid exaggerating or dramatizing your role-play. Show diplomacy and strength and you will be given more points because empathy and rationale are valued traits in potential employees.

Additionally, focus on creating a connection with the other character in your role-play, even if there are themes of humiliation or stress. This will test your tenacity and willpower in the face of adversity.


July 12th, 2017

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