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Graduate Salaries at the UK’s Top Employers in 2014, by Sector or Industry

Get to know and research the primary corporations

With 18 years of publication and counting, The Times Top 100 Graduate Employers is an invaluable analysis of the market by High Fliers Research. More than 60,000 copies of the The Times Top 100 Graduate Employers book are available free to students, a wonderful way to begin one’s job search and hunt for an elite graduate position. The latest rankings are compiled from the results of on-campus research with 18,336 final year students, who graduated from the UK’s leading universities during the summer of 2014. (needs to be updated)

The Guardian UK 300 – lists the 300 largest employers. The following rankings are based on the most comprehensive independent survey of students in the UK, conducted by Trendence of over 27,000 student votes from 100 universities. It illustrates the favoured rankings of students. Most of these are graduate roles in opinions. It also includes ‘non-business employers’ such as public sector bodies e.g. NHS and law firms. It’s important that you start to familiarise yourself with these names and have a look at their websites. These lists of top employers may seem initially overwhelming, and the key is to focus on a few in a target field of interest.

Both these lists are at the back of the book.

July 11th, 2017

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