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What do you need to do in your First Year?

Getting to know your University careers service

You probably have no idea how the elite job market operates. Hence, you need to access your University’s Careers Service as they are a great source of information and could be a useful guide. You need to meet with them to learn how to access the various categories of information. There are four types of information you need to know and how to access them.

  1. Careers Fairs
  2. Employer presentations and events
  3. Employer drop-ins
  4. Organisation led skills workshops

-Careers Fairs:

The University Careers Service will have careers fairs on several interesting subjects with prospective employers which would be an excellent introduction to you. For example, they may have fairs on

  • Internships and Work Experience
  • Careers in Investment Banking
  • Vocations in Management Consulting
  • Options of profession with your Engineering degree

These would be great introductions for you.

-Employer presentations on campus

Major organisations deliver presentations throughout the first term of the University year to publicise their company and recruitment opportunities offered. This poses as a remarkable juncture to gauge first-hand experiences of new professionals in the field, recruiters, CEOs, and top employees in a firm. You will garner an understanding of what each firm does, the recruitment procedures, ideal qualities in candidates, real accounts of company life, etc. It’s usually a lecture style with time for informal networking at the end of a presentation. You will often need to make a booking to attend these presentations.

It’s best to prepare for these events by researching what the executives do, what graduate schemes corporations offer and what their deadlines are. This makes you look well prepared when you meet recruiters.

If there is information about which individuals will be there, check them up on social media such as LinkedIn and consider questions you could ask them.

At these events, many students dress casually, but you still need to look smart and ‘presentable’. If in doubt, formals are always a fool-proof option, especially in fields involved with elite graduate jobs.Recruiters prefer if you look smart, as it shows you have made an effort, but they will not appreciate if you are unable to dress to various kinds of occasions.

July 11th, 2017

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