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The Importance of getting a 2.1

Most employers require a 2.1 degree, but this is now changing.

Minimum Academic Requirements for the UK’s Top Employers in 2014

Based on High Fliers research, more than four-fifths of the UK’s leading companies now require their graduate applicants to meet minimum academic standards. Some 70 percent of organisations insist on a 2.1 degree, one in six employers require at least a 2.2 degree, and over a quarter specify a minimum UCAS tariff for candidates, typically in the range of 260 to 340 (equivalent to ‘BCC’ to ‘AAB’ at A-level).

Fortunately, the inclination of most elite firms is now more relaxed instead of stringent on applicants having a minimum 2.1. They are after the preeminent, astute, and multifarious, having come to realise that the correlation between superior academic grades and business success is not necessarily strong.

July 11th, 2017

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