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Other Networking Forums

University can be thought of as a three to fa our-year long networking event during which you form professional relationships. These include relationships with your professors, visiting lecturers, fellow students, etc. The opportunities to secure your bright future are abundant.

  1. Fresher’s Week: During this week, all the Student Groups on campus will advertise their events and encourage students to join in. This is an excellent way to hobnob and form lasting relationships. Many of the clubs are related to a professional field and it is a great way to gain experience in a graduate sector that you might fancy. Societies often go on field trips, visiting prospective firms that could employ you. This can result in networking with executives in the field and discovering occupational options. Get as immersed in a professional society as you can. You will benefit from it in the long run.
  2. Vocational Expositions: Careers Services are an integral part of your university experience as they will make meeting the employers easy. You can attend presentations by professionals in a field of your choice and learn about the realities of a particular occupation.
  3. Alumni Networks: Alumni are the essence of a university. They measure the success of an institution with their own accolades after their graduation. Alumni groups can be from all over the world, which is helpful if you are a non-UK/EU citizen and are worried about post-university employment availability. You can also gauge what people from similar backgrounds as yourself have managed to achieve and how they enjoy their current occupation of choice.
  4. Professional Associations: Apart from Professional Student Societies, universities also have non-student run groups headed by representatives of the principal professional organisations. For example, the BPS is the British Psychological Society. University Professional Organisations are the gateway to a career in a field of your choice because they encourage you to join the said job. Incentives include reduced membership fees, workshops to develop dexterities, and socials with current professionals.

July 11th, 2017

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