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Teach First

Teach First is a Leadership Development Programme that is a two-year scheme that gives talented individuals access to high-quality training, supportive coaching, work experience and a PGCE qualification. By working in some of the toughest schools across England and Wales, these graduates get exceptional opportunities.

The trainee teachers also get a paid summer placement in an elite business. A fundamental part of the programme is that once you have completed the two years, you have the chance to consider further options. Many graduates continue teaching; others want to pursue their relationship with the company which is a Teach First partner. An abundance of elite employers including Goldman Sachs, PWC and Aldi, are partners of Teach First.

About 30% leave Teach First after two years to join one of the cream businesses, having garnered ample experience.

Critics say that “it’s like you teach first, and then move on to something more lucrative”. The corporate sponsors are likely to provide you with a befitting employment option as an incentive. Teach First has changed the perception of education in universities, changing the ground that Russell Group Universities’ teaching style of intense academic struggle is the only way to succeed. It has enabled people who wouldn’t have considered teaching before to start a career in education.

Essential aptitudes: any 2.1, have a degree or A-levels that satisfies area you wish to teach, Grade C or greater in GCSE Maths and English.

July 11th, 2017

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