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Operations cover countless business processes that are focused on the customer. You will need excellent communication, presentation and networking skills. It’s about maximising efficiency and effectiveness of various processes such as supporting and settling daily transactions; devising and implementing effective controls; working in close collaboration with consumers, forming the right relationships with other firms to share expertise and create novel structures, industries and markets.

It will be about driving large projects to make the company more efficient. It is the front line of defence for the company’s financial and operational well-being, and they are in close contact with almost all departments to safeguard the enterprise’s reputation and franchise. Moreover, you will

rack up unique social and vocational aptitudes with these relationships, aiding your prosperity as an Operations executive, with careers spanning across all industries.

You will probably be given several rotations to fully prepare you for a career in a broad range of functions. This will enable you to get a real insight into the company’s products, services and customers. Furthermore, one must be competent in leading/participating in group-based work (organising undertaking as a team member or leader).

Vital dexterities:

  1. Socio-interpersonal mastery for customer service
  2. Excellent communication, presentation and networking skills.
  3. Problem- Solving savvy
  4. Organised methodology while working, pushing you towards a constant need to re-invent your company’s structures and techniques.

July 11th, 2017

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