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Spring week programmes for First years offered by elite employers

Here are the names of some cream firms that provide Spring Week programmes catering for First years (accurate at time of going to press but may have changed so check company’s websites).

Banking and Finance

  1. Bank of America:  The Merrill Lynch Insight Program runs for a week, giving students a taste of how it would potentially be like to work at Bank of America. Students can get exposure to various sectors within the firm and shadow current employees. There are also networking opportunities. In addition, a unique one-day programme for women called “Female futures” provides a chance to see the inner workings of all aspects of an investment bank, garner adroitness in relevant areas, strengthen applications and connect to new executives.
  2. Bank of England: Insight Days provide an opportunity to explore what BOE does, as well as to see how things are changing for UK central banking.
  3. Barclays:Spring Programmes offer week-long experiences, plunging you head first into work life, real-time business planning and problem-solving, observation of a myriad of posts, application-oriented skills seminars, etc.
  4. BNP Paribas: One week of delving into the intricacies of corporate and investment funding. The program has a rigorous timetable, involving networking, analysis of business challenges, workshops to fine tune your dexterities, and exposure to multiple facets of BNP. You might also discover a particular post that enthuses you.
  5. Citi: Citi Spring insight week: Citi Scope- A three-day investment banking programme that details the ins and out of said field. Citi Quest: For students sure about banking as their future career, you can pass one week immersed in your area of choice. Women of Tomorrow: A three-day workshop, specific to young ladies, urging them to join the area of commerce. Opportunities include information on several sections in the bank, networking, talks on the importance of the market, risk management seminars, private banking, investment plus venture capitalism presentations, and lastly; corporate and investment banking discussions.
  1. Credit Suisse:  A five-day Spring Insight Program that will give you an in-depth view of how the investment banking industry works.
  2. Deloitte: A brief two-day residential camp to expose you to connections at Deloitte, provide you activities to develop your aptitudes and experience their work culture.
  3. Deutsche Bank:  A one-week inaugural session to jobs in commerce at Deutsche Bank, offering observation opportunities of executives, socials to hobnob with professionals and practice relevant competencies.
  4. Ernst & Young (EY):  EY Leader residential leadership academy- A four-day workshop that provides intensive preparation to the proficiencies necessary to become an influential leader. EY programme-  A two-day exploration of the mechanisms behind EY, as well as focus on the audit and tax departments.
  1. Goldman Sachs:  The Divisional Spring Internship gives a two-week acumen into the corporation’s finesses, evaluation of real-life finance studies, as well as potential vocational options. Sectors of interest available include Business, Vested Interests, Data Analysis, Finance Management, Enterprise and Industrial Science.
  2. HSBC: A four-day scheme diverging into International Financing, Private Funding, the Universal Market and Organization of Capital. Learning is hands on, methods being networking, shadowing associates, developing expertise and exposure to your professional options.
  3. ICAP:  Industry Insight Programme endeavours to train students in vocational competencies, to teach business techniques, to build teamwork capabilities via syndicate projects and social events to mingle with executives.
  4. J.P. Morgan:  The Early Insight Experience. A chance to understand Resource Allocation, Venture Funding, Liability Assesment, Finance and Statistical Investigation, Telecommunications and Trade. Specialists are present to guide you about the adroitness you require to excel, Recruiters to mentor you in future job applications process, and Networking Galas where you can potentially get an internship opportunity.
  5. KPMG: First year Insight Program- A two-day event to understand the intricacies of business, the aims of KPMG as a company, the vital skills to succeeding in finance, the preservation of client-company relations, task organisation, how to network, including presentations from Audit, Tax as well as the Pension Departments, and introducing culture at KPMG. One might even secure a Vacation Scheme Placement for the following summer. Women in Technology Insight Week: A five-day non-residential, paid event catered to women aspiring to work in the industrial science business. The itinerary includes: connecting with experts in the field, practising interviewing for jobs, learning time management as well as various prime skills, understanding current IT projects, KPMG work culture, connections across the sector, significant challenges KPMG consumers face and their demands; and pressing issues in IT. You also might secure a Technology Consulting Vacation Position for the next summer, if you successfully pass through the assessment process. Women in Deal Advisory Insight Programme: A ladies only three-day, non-residential course focussed on KPMG’s Deal Advisory Practice. One is exposed to current employees across departments: capital investment, reorganisation of assets and the tactical team. The course provides an overall perspective of commerce, furthermore detailing how KPMG analyses other companies’ business models,  and urgent economic challenges. You will also understand the various function of each sector of the corporation, network, and be assessed to achieve a position on in the Deal Advisory Vacation scheme
  1. Lloyds Banking Group Insight day: One receives the chance to learn about the services Lloyds provides, practice interviewing procedures, and is given suggestions as to how to make job applications successful. This could lead to future internship positions.
  2. Morgan Stanley:  A one week-long workshop that covers the corporations’ fields of interest: Venture Capitalism, the World Economy, Commerce, and research on the Market. Networking and Observation of Employees Experiences are prime components.
  3. Nomura: A variety of insight programs that create an overall perspective of investment banking, and the firm’s available posts, allowing you to decide what fits with your personality and interests. It’s about the practical application of everything you’ve learned in specific world scenarios, skills development and observation of executives. Women’s Immersion: A two-week paid internship for young ladies with options in Venture Capitalism, the International Economy and Organisation of Firms’ Setup. Methods of learning include analysing business crises, discourse by alumni, interview skills, critiques of companies’ structures, training in dexterities and connecting with alumni. You will be assessed with a project at the end. Explore Nomura: A similar program, but unpaid and for four days, open to all genders.
  1. PwC Talent Academy: A two-day residential workshop to cultivate business adroitness, moreover learning about the Assurance (Risk Analysis) and Tax (Understanding Policies and Economic Issues ) on departments.
  2. RBS: A choice of various week-long spring taster programmes offering exposure to all sectors of banking through competency preparation, shadowing different positions in an area you enjoy, social events with graduates as well as employees, and chances to garner a summer internship.
  3. Swiss Re: An internship during the summer in the USA where you work as part of a group and complete the tasks given to you. Networking opportunities and immersion into the atmosphere at Swiss Re. A unique aspect is online modules to strengthen your skills in the field you’re working in.
  4. UBS: A week of immersion into the essence of UBS by examining traits of successful executives in business, perspectives on commerce, building up competencies, understanding how to successfully interview, discussing in-depth financial scenarios and networking experiences.

IT and Technology- Insight days

  1. BNP Paribas  Technology Spring Insight: A program establishing the intersection of computers and business at BNP, allowing students to scrutinise a career in the overlap of the fields.
  2. Goldman Sachs:  A fourteen-day program covering the ins and outs of fiscal activities at Goldman Sachs, including International Economy Data Analysis, Venture Funding, Organization of Capital, Financial Security and Industrial Science.
  3. Google One: A seven-day summer camp detailing the workings of the Android OS, how it was created, and Google Work Culture.t. Placements can be outside of London.
  4. GCHQ: A ten-week paid summer insight into computer technology, specifically for students with STEM degrees (excluding biology and chemistry). The course includes ethical hacking, cyber security, analysing operating systems, and maintaining them. The internship moreover provides the opportunity to understand the method behind which the UK protects its data informatics. The seminars are for quick minds and students with fluency in one of the major programming languages. Accommodation is guaranteed and complimentary. Students might later be able to receive an offer for a student IT scheme or a graduate placement.
  5. IBM: A three/four-day workshop delving into the work life of IBM, problem-solving activities,  and cyber science exhibitions.
  6. Telefonica: Three-month long summer internships in Computer Science or Commerce for first-year students looking to understand what careers in either department are like, and an overview of experiences at Telefonica
  7. BP IST: Four different programs to choose from. Discovery Days: Three days spent learning the insides of the oil and gas industry, including leadership skills, social connection aptitudes, inclusivity of employees, and exposure to experts in the field. Exclusive features are the “HIVE’S” – setups to create the ultimate practical learning experience. Shadow Days: A one-day observation of a current employee in a BP sector that interests you. Widening Participation: A scheme for students of various cultural atmospheres, providing a week-long experience in professional skills training, two days involving shadowing an executive of your choice field. Supply and trading discovery week: A seven-day encounter centred around economics and the market. Methods of learning are logic-based, reproduction of real-life situations and in-depth analyses being prime examples. Networking events and skills assessment will prepare you for a potential summer placement or career opening

    8. Civil Service Fast Stream: A paid working week placement. The Early Diversity Internship programme is a week-long placement in a political post including network sessions, skills workshops and job shadowing. Social events, a Skills Appraisal for work opportunities, Sitting in on discussions, Interpreting information to understand the reasons behind the success of policies, and overall Social equality promotion are original features, Standout millennials from global backgrounds and minorities are at an exclusive upper hand to serve the country better.

9. Daimler: Three month internship in Milton Keynes or Coventry. The Milton Keynes scheme bridges Automobiles and Business, introducing financing, leasing, insurance, branding, marketing and various aspects of the intersection of the two.  Students apply of their accord as there isn’t an actual program in place. Internships are individualised. The Coventry internship can be in HR, Organisation and Commerce related fields. The experience consolidates around the work experience at Daimler and guidance from executives.

  1. Disney: A cultural networking scheme in the hospitality business for three months at the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida. Posts include a myriad of options” Acting, Sales, Restaurant Service, Theme Park Aspects, Hotel Management and Upkeep, etc.
  2. Unilever Spring: A three-day proposition to bite into Unilever’s culture through competency training, problem-solving skills, and business adroit. Networking events are the culmination of your learning, along with the selection day for future placement schemes.

July 11th, 2017

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