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Online Numerical Reasoning Test

An Online Numerical Reasoning Test is designed to test your ability to analyse statistical data and the ability to solve a problem despite a time limit. You require both a momentum and certainty. Do not fret though, it is only at GCSE math level. The employers want to make sure that you have the necessary skills in:

  • Addition
  • Subtraction
  • Multiplication
  • Division
  • Percentages (including percentage changes)
  • Ratios

Make sure you take practice tests, as silly mistakes will probably be the only reason you err. If you find any function more complicated than the rest, solve numerous questions of that type. Calculators are not allowed, as this is meant to test quick, common sense and fundamental aptitudes.

Attempt the tests with agility and efficiency. You might not get points cut off for trying all questions (check the rules before the quiz to make a calculated decision), but they could potentially check your rate of success in answering questions, resulting in lower accuracy if you guess a lot, causing an impression of carelessness. An enviable performance in a computational test has been proven to guarantee a more consistent employee.

Some tests are more arduous than others based on the job requirement. Professional assessment examinations are often the most challenging based on the role on offer and the reputability of the firm. You might also need to understand the logic at a higher level and make more complex conclusions for the same type of question.

Numerical test example:

Question: What was the population of Bosnia (millions) in 2006 given the number of cars in 2006 = 5.3 million.


Number of cars in Botsibia in 2006 = 5.3 million

0.32 cars per person in Botsibia in 2006

Therefore 1 car for every 3.125 people (1 divided by 0.32)

Population = number of cars x Number of individuals per car = 5.3 x 3.125 = 16.5625 million. It is likely that 16.6 million would be an answer.

July 11th, 2017

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