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Important steps in your second/penultimate year

To secure a job in a superior position, one must show additional work apart from academic records that showcase unique experiences. Employment opportunities of any form are a practical educational venture – internships, part time jobs, volunteering. Out of the three, internships are a top priority in your penultimate year. This means that if you are on a three-year degree course, you need to get an internship in your second year and if you are on a four-year degree, get one in your third year. You also need to be eligible to work in the UK.

An internship is a period of work experience, offered by an organisation, usually lasting for a fixed, limited amount of time, helping to gain relevant skills and expertise in a particular field.

An internship often takes the form of a summer vacation work placement – usually between 4-12 weeks over the summer. You gain an awareness into how the company works, and if you make a good impression, you may be offered a graduate job full time for when you graduate. There is a huge range of internships provided by elite employers from investment banking to consumer goods companies in London and right across the UK. The vital point to remember is to apply early. Programmes tend to open for applications in the summer for the internship before you start your second year, sometimes as early as July all the way through September, October, November usually ending in December.

The reason that internships are critical with elite employers is that, if successful it can translate into a permanent graduate job when you finish your degree.

July 11th, 2017

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