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Getting to know prospective employers

Cream firms visit University campuses, mainly between October-December. Make an effort to meet them. This may seem daunting during your first term, but the sooner you familiarise yourself with this networking ritual, the more prepared you will be to apply. Networking is about getting the most out of your existing contacts and finding occasions to meet new people who can give you great insights about getting a top job.
Here are some tips to meet and network with elite employers
Universities pride themselves on their alumni as these are the cornerstones of their success – prosperous postgraduates who attribute a sizable part of their accomplishments in the world to their university.

  • Alumni provide generous donations and are intrigued by the fresh meat aspiring to be on the market. Colleges work with the alumni to provide current students in-depth exposure to a myriad of fields, to connect students with potential employment options, career talks, seminars to develop critical competencies, etc. Make sure to read the emails about alumni interaction opportunities. You never know whether you’ll meet an old grad with who you share similar career interests. If you find a firm that interests you, become thorough with this corporation’s research, current projects, graduate prospects, new openings for employees, application procedures, timelines in applying, etc. Nobody appreciates an ignorant candidate.
  • Exploit the resources available to you at your educational institution and connect with alumni.
  • Networking is a competition, and you have to be ahead of the game. There is no hand holding at university so
    plan and mingle as much as possible. Some alumni might have just the career option you’re looking for in their employing corporation.
  • Build the foundation to your relationship with a graduate, and work your way towards building a tower of connections. Find out about an alumnus’ contacts, co-workers, family, etc. You want a skyscraper of associates.
  • Again, always approach a networking event with a good amount of studying up. Knowing someone’s name and their achievements goes a long way regarding building a long-lasting mentorship. Brush up on the prominent people in a crowd of potential employers via LinkedIn, as well as the all-knowing Google. Don’t forget to contact the executives you’ve met afterwards, thanking them, and perhaps taking a chance to share more about your ventures. Could they perhaps provide insight into your projects?
  • Your application begins from the moment you present yourself to plausible employers. Hence, a lasting impact is the only way to cinch a job affirmatively. Don’t be afraid. Stand tall, voice your opinions diplomatically, appear conversable, and emanate a warm aura around you. Pick on little details in conversations, pay attention, and make interesting comments to contribute to the flow of dialogue. Executives look highly upon impassioned hopefuls for their firms who try to further the depth and utility of a verbal exchange. They want innovators and outspoken voices.
  • This generation is after all one driven my technological advancement. To keep up with the fast pace of the world’s growth, corporations are searching for young talent. Prepare with questions you could ask employers that you meet and pursue the discussion with more questions. Take notes later and revise to keep the information fresh in your head. Sometimes, you might have to prepare questions to submit for a speaker to answer on the spot, addressing the audience.
  • Read up on the dress code- if any. A standard expectation is formals. Get your outfit together and look at yourself in it in advance in front of a full-length mirror.

Men: Wear a suit, shirt, socks and tie. Sneakers are unacceptable – you must wear decorous footwear such as Oxfords, Derbys or Brogues (to name a few). Clothing must be well-fitting – neither loose and baggy; nor constricting and revealing.

Women: The length of your dress must be solemn to concur with the occasion – a finger’s width above the knee minimum. Necklines should be conservative, and again, clothing shouldn’t be overly tight or loose –
Nobody wants to see your undergarments. Wear comfortable but formal shoes – maybe flats or slightly heeled footwear.

Both men and women should keep piercings and tattoos covered up – unless it’s for a creative business profession perhaps, and even then, it’s preferable to keep them minimally visible. Try not to get body art in areas that are difficult to cover up, as, in a professional environment, (although norms are becoming laxer) visible tattoos and piercings (apart from a single set of piercings on both ears in women) are often frowned upon. Hair should also be naturally coloured. Keep out the bright neons, and vibrant colours. Religious clothing is acceptable – it’s your choice – but be prepared to wear western clothing as well to bring out the appearance of a more global attitude and appearance.

July 11th, 2017

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