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Do you really want an elite graduate job?

When you finish your course at university, do you want any random job or an elite graduate job? Do you have the ambition to aim low, to aim high or to just get by? There are a variety of employment options that you could apply for, ranging from retail sales in local stores, working in a fast food joint, admin roles in the public sector, as well as top-notch post degree positions that pay well and offer significant career potential. Nearly 60% of UK graduates end up in jobs that do not require you to have gone to University. This often leads to racking up enormous student debt and a non-skilled role.

This website is about helping you find the best-paid post at a graduate entry level. The application process for these exclusive professions is toilsome, but it is possible to succeed if you are prepared to focus and work hard for it. All you need is the ambition to excel in your applications, as well as unyielding perseverance through the process.

Elite graduate jobs have the following characteristics:

  • Global businesses
  • Usually in private sector
  • Well established graduate schemes
  • Paying much higher than average and have a lot of benefits
  • Broad-based and candidates are chosen irrespective of their degree subject
  • Incredibly competitive
  • Well established career path

Elite graduate jobs pay higher than average. Here are the predicted starting salaries for 2013/14 across a range of business sectors in some of the elite graduate multinational employers that offer high starting salaries. These are the ‘crème de la crème’ of graduate jobs, and they have more perks than other alum careers.

  • Investment bank or fund managers £43,500
  • Banking or financial services £33,000
  • IT/telecommunications £28,500
  • Energy, water or utility company £27,500
  • Fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) company £27,500
  • Consulting or business service firm £26,500
  • Transport or Logistics company £26,000
  • Engineering or industrial company £25,250
  • Construction company or consultancy £25,250
  • Accountancy or professional services firm £25,000
  • Retail £24,500

The biggest barrier between you and getting an elite graduate job is your mind-set. A large number of students have feelings that range from dread to fear in approaching the job market, especially the elite graduate job market. They are usually unprepared to navigate this area. Most universities prepare you well in the particular discipline you are studying. However, they do not train you in the multitude of skills required to go after these elite graduate jobs. Consequently, we have a tidal wave of rising student debt and significant student ignorance on the global job market, resulting in numerous students doing jobs that do not require a degree.

July 7th, 2017

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