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Research and Development Career

For those in STEM who have an interest in the practical use of science, R&D is all about looking forward; as well as using groundbreaking science tech to meet the needs of the business. It’s the ideal marriage of theory and practical knowledge. It is an exciting and business-focused discipline where you’ll be immersed in constant innovation. This can be in pharmaceuticals where it will be about developing incredible medicines, vaccines, or in the oil industry, using chemistry.

Science is at the core of the oil industry from petrochemicals to fuels and lubricants. It’s vital for the future to develop reliable new technology and understand the chemical and physical properties of the products. It also involves developing the next generation processes for converting hydrocarbon feedstock into clean fuels and chemicals.

In Pharmaceuticals, it’s about making a difference to patients worldwide by innovating health-care solutions to revolutionise the state of global wellness.

Key Employers: GSK, Astra Zeneca, BP, Shell

Ideal prowess: Degree in a scientific discipline ideally with a top class in Chemistry, Physical Engineering, Chemical Engineering or Pharmacy. Ability to interpret information and passionate about science, desiring to apply it. Substantial analytical skills, the ability for multi-tasking and influencing others are preferred qualities.

July 11th, 2017

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