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A Group Discussion Around a Case Study

A group discussion around a case study is one of the prospective activities in the assessment centre. The essence of this session is appraising your teamwork propensity and your conversational capacity (including your ability to persuade others). This is also a stage where you can show off your diplomatic skills along with your analytical and organisational abilities.

Tips on dealing with the group tasks:

  1. Always be sure of the objective of the collective assignment. Make sure you quickly skim and scan the given instructions to understand the rules. Be focused.  
  2. Ascertain the role you will play in the team.
  3. Make a group member watch the clock.
  4. Be a diplomatic participant, asserting your beliefs, but respecting others’ perspectives.
  5. The group must succeed as a whole, so focus on this rather than an individual gain.
  6. Composure is vital to success. Use humour to diffuse potential strenuous situations.
  7. Adjust your style based on the organisation you are applying to.


July 12th, 2017

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