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Do You Really Want An Elite Graduate Job?


Do you really want an elite graduate job?

This article is about finding an elite graduate job- the best-paid posts at graduate entry level.

“I am not posh or clever enough to apply for an elite graduate job”

You may think being ‘posh’ is what gets you an elite graduate job. You are wrong! Heaps of graduates feel ‘incompetent’ and disqualify themselves from even trying for high-end jobs, because they believe the opportunities are far from their reach. These jobs are not only for Oxbridge graduates or those at top Universities such as from […]

Types of elite graduate careers and names of some companies

Next, here is a sample of elite graduate jobs, as well as a list of prize employers in that category. Most of these descriptions may sound like “gobbledygook” to you at this stage but worry not as they will be explained later. These technical terms are quite simple once explained. Each of these graduate careers […]

How to choose a career?

The first thing to realise about choosing a career is that this is not some major life commitment to pursue in just one area or one company. The world of work in the 21st century is dynamic, and no longer expect graduates spend their working lifetime with a single employer pursuing a single career path. […]

Do I get a job related to my degree or not?

Many question whether to follow the well-tested path towards success. Most elite graduate jobs do not require a particular degree. However, a few qualification courses will give you the knowledge that could be useful in applying. As most elite graduate jobs are in multinational businesses, awareness of trade and analytical skills are essential. Reading up […]

What are employers looking for? Some views from top employers

Here are the views of a few of the top companies which reinforce what we have discussed so far. It highlights some of the characteristics they are looking for. BE PASSIONATE “We are after people with a can-do attitude, enthusiasm, interpersonal skills and the drive and ambition to make an impact. Softer skills such as […]

Realities of the Elite Graduate Job Market

An Analysis of Graduate Applications in 2014 by Industry

Based on High Fliers research on top companies the average number of applicants per graduate position is about 391 (see below). Other surveys give even greater numbers of applications per place. Surveys by HESA estimate that up to 160 applicants are chasing some graduate vacancies at some of the country’s top companies. For example, marketing […]

The Importance of getting a 2.1

Minimum Academic Requirements for the UK’s Top Employers in 2014

Based on High Fliers research, more than four-fifths of the UK’s leading companies now require their graduate applicants to meet minimum academic standards. Some 70 percent of organisations insist on a 2.1 degree, one in six employers require at least a 2.2 degree, and over a quarter specify a minimum UCAS tariff for candidates, typically…

Elite Graduate Salaries

Graduate salaries vary significantly; the average is £29,000 The average wage per annum for UK graduates in 2014 full-time employment six months after graduation ranged between £18,000 and £24,0002. On the contrary, the Association of Graduate Recruiters (AGR) and view the number as “£29,000”, while is more conservative with its estimate of “£26,500”. […]

Graduate Salaries at the UK’s Top Employers in 2014, by Sector or Industry

Get to know and research the primary corporations With 18 years of publication and counting, The Times Top 100 Graduate Employers is an invaluable analysis of the market by High Fliers Research. More than 60,000 copies of the The Times Top 100 Graduate Employers book are available free to students, a wonderful way to begin […]

Getting to know prospective employers

Cream firms visit University campuses, mainly between October-December. Make an effort to meet them. This may seem daunting during your first term, but the sooner you familiarise yourself with this networking ritual, the more prepared you will be to apply. Networking is about getting the most out of your existing contacts and finding occasions to […]

Prospective employers and how to find them

The Times Top 100 Graduate Employers is an invaluable analysis of the market by High Fliers Research. More than 60,000 copies of the book are available free to students and it is a great job search tool in a hunt for an elite graduate position. The latest rankings are compiled from on-campus surveys among the final […]

Types of Elite Graduate Careers

Investment Banking

Key employers: The most well-known  in the sector are Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, UBS, Credit Suisse, Barclays, Deutsche Bank Global Investment Banks guide transactions that financially shape big businesses. They give clients innovative solutions to meet their financial needs – whether merging with another company or raising capital for an expansion project. It is very […]

The Opportunities in Retail Banking

Key employers: Barclays, Lloyds, RBS, HSBC and Santander. What is retail banking? Retail Banking is the face of mass-market financing: on the high street, on the phone and online. With millions of customers, the UK’s largest retail banks are at the forefront of this ever-changing sector. They are involved in transforming the consumer experience, delivering both […]

Investment (Fund) Management

Key employers: The most well-known  in the sector are Blackrock, Fidelity, Schroders, M&G Investment Management is where financing decisions are made for savers; there are ordinary individuals, high net worth persons or institutions (such as insurance companies or pension funds).  It’s here that you’ll find Portfolio Managers, Research Analysts, Traders and Quantitative Specialists working in […]

Retailing/FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods)

Key employers: There are many types of retailers from Supermarket chains (Tesco, Sainsbury, Aldi), Fashion Stores (M&S, Arcadia which owns Top Shop brand), Luxury (Burberry, LVMH), and Online (Asos). Most of these brands have a high street store and online presence and do a mix of businesses. There are also different roles. Other key employers […]

Teach First

Teach First is a Leadership Development Programme that is a two-year scheme that gives talented individuals access to high-quality training, supportive coaching, work experience and a PGCE qualification. By working in some of the toughest schools across England and Wales, these graduates get exceptional opportunities. The trainee teachers also get a paid summer placement in […]


Chief employers: There are different types in the sector- Global Strategy Consulting companies such as Bain & Company, McKinsey & Company, The Boston Consulting Group. Smaller houses such as Oliver Wyman, OC&C. c. c. The Big 4 Accountancy firms that also have large consulting businesses mainly focused on operational and business unit issues (Deloitte, EY, […]


The Insurance industry has several sectors. The pivotal ones are: 1. General Insurance (Property and Casualty) is an umbrella term covering all types of insurance except life assurance. It can be split between Commercial and Personal. 2. Commercial insurance protects businesses from unforeseen circumstances such as theft, negligence, liability, property damage and other interruptions to […]


In today’s competitive marketplace, success is increasingly driven by expertise in technology. Best-in-class technology platforms enable companies to efficiently market products around the world. You don’t have to be a nerd. If you are interested in technology, there are incredible opportunities available. This is probably the most sought after area across multiple industries.  You will […]


Operations cover countless business processes that are focused on the customer. You will need excellent communication, presentation and networking skills. It’s about maximising efficiency and effectiveness of various processes such as supporting and settling daily transactions; devising and implementing effective controls; working in close collaboration with consumers, forming the right relationships with other firms to […]

Research and Development Career

For those in STEM who have an interest in the practical use of science, R&D is all about looking forward; as well as using groundbreaking science tech to meet the needs of the business. It’s the ideal marriage of theory and practical knowledge. It is an exciting and business-focused discipline where you’ll be immersed in […]

Human Resources Management

Most companies run HR graduate programmes, including the top employers in sectors such as retail, healthcare, banking, construction, consulting and engineering. As a graduate, to get into human resources (HR) may seem as if your options are virtually unlimited because HR is a necessity for any venture. HR is highly flexible, with opportunities for numerous […]

Insurance and Actuarial Jobs

General Insurance This covers the following – automobile, estate, your content, accountability, emergency, wellness- to name a few. The market sector profits by assessing the risk of insuring a customer and thus, charging a premium based on their valuation. Insurance is no longer as successful as it was a decade ago because there are changes […]

Developing an Action Plan and Taking Control

What do you need to do in your Final Year?

As you enter your senior year, graduate roles are the priority. Stress will speed as the year proceeds so complete most/all of the application related tasks as soon as possible.  Some graduate employers, including the large accountancy firms and banks, open inquiries for the graduate training schemes as early as summer i.e. June/July. You should […]

Getting started in your First Year

Starting to think about life after University in your first year is incredibly daunting. It feels far away or as if an enormous mountain to traverse without a map. Don’t put it off, let yourself get overwhelmed, or beat yourself up thinking that everyone else has got it all together – they haven’t. The earlier […]

What do you need to do in your First Year?

Getting to know your University careers service You probably have no idea how the elite job market operates. Hence, you need to access your University’s Careers Service as they are a great source of information and could be a useful guide. You need to meet with them to learn how to access the various categories […]

Spring week and Insight days

In your first year, after you have done some research and networked at some career events, you need to apply for what is called “Spring week” or “Insight days”. These are short internships offered to first-year students to get a ‘taster’ of business by some elite employers. You PRIORITIZE the Spring Week application in the […]

Spring week programmes for First years offered by elite employers

Here are the names of some cream firms that provide Spring Week programmes catering for First years (accurate at time of going to press but may have changed so check company’s websites). Banking and Finance Bank of America:  The Merrill Lynch Insight Program runs for a week, giving students a taste of how it would […]

Important steps in your second/penultimate year

To secure a job in a superior position, one must show additional work apart from academic records that showcase unique experiences. Employment opportunities of any form are a practical educational venture – internships, part time jobs, volunteering. Out of the three, internships are a top priority in your penultimate year. This means that if you […]

What do you need to do in your Final Year?

As you enter your senior year, graduate roles are the priority. Stress will speed as the year proceeds so complete most/all of the application related tasks as soon as possible.  Some graduate employers, including the large accountancy firms and banks, open inquiries for the graduate training schemes as early as summer i.e. June/July. You should […]

What should be your ideal plan to get an elite graduate job?

The perfect plan is that in your first year you should do at least one ‘Spring Week’ with an employer and aim for a summer internship with them at the end of your second year. Next, at the start of your second year, you should apply for other summer internships to hopefully allow you an […]

Action plan for Post Graduates

Observing the fine details, this article exhibits the critical aspects of landing an elite graduate job.

Networking for Elite Careers

What is Networking?

Networking is making connections with various professional executives. Networking is an essential part of getting an elite graduate job. It allows you to: To gain an expert’s knowledge about an area of interest. To consult a friendly source for recommendations to solving a problem To make new connections as a future resource. To gain insight into an […]


This is a social network targeting professional connections and the process of marketing oneself for vocational options. Your LinkedIn profile stores all the data required for occupational applications: your CV, Customer Reviews, the work you are interested in, previous employers, your professional experiences, past presentations/projects, etc. can all be made visible to corporations hunting for […]

Other Networking Forums

University can be thought of as a three to fa our-year long networking event during which you form professional relationships. These include relationships with your professors, visiting lecturers, fellow students, etc. The opportunities to secure your bright future are abundant. Fresher’s Week: During this week, all the Student Groups on campus will advertise their events […]

Networking Mindset

Networking is all about a mindset. Here are some attitudes you should cultivate: Always be on the lookout for networking. Be ready to spot a networking opportunity. Every exposure you have to a profession matters, so dress sharply to all events and exude confidence. You want to make a lasting impact. Read up and keep […]

Application Process

Overview of the Application Process

The first step in getting an elite job is to start with an application. This is an important process in your career. You have to show that you have the skills, aspirations and experience that elite employers are looking for. Do not feel daunted. You have to ‘sell’ yourself in a constructive and reasonable manner. […]

Online Application Form

This is the start of the process. A comprehensive questionnaire that records your entire history and requires one to two hours on average to complete it. It is split up into distinct sections:- Profile information Timeline of Scholarship Account of Work Experiences List of aptitudes and questions relating to your skills. What draws you to the […]

Situational Judgment Test

The Situational Judgement Test is an assessment form in which contenders are exposed to practical, real-life situations to test their ability to cope with work scenarios. An applicant has multiple choices to choose from and has to assess the pros and cons of each option to decide the best course of action. Organisations such as […]

Online Numerical Reasoning Test

An Online Numerical Reasoning Test is designed to test your ability to analyse statistical data and the ability to solve a problem despite a time limit. You require both a momentum and certainty. Do not fret though, it is only at GCSE math level. The employers want to make sure that you have the necessary […]

Online Verbal Reasoning Test

Vital graduate competencies are adroitness in literacy, comprehension and communication. This is considered as a more accurate predictive tool for applicants’ performances. You are generally expected to respond with either True, False or Cannot Say, based on the passage. Evaluate the fit of each answer and choose the best fit. True: This makes sense in the […]

Online Logical/Critical Reasoning Test

These rationale focused trials are about recognising patterns and deducing the meanings of data sets. Assessment of the individual’s cogent aptitudes is the centre. The examination might concentrate on a subset of rationale: induction, abstraction, diagrams, etc. The premise is uniform, however, and with enough practice, you will be an ace at thinking out of […]

First Round Interview: Phone/ Video

You have now (hopefully) passed all online tests which would be a great achievement which means you are probably down to 5% of the application pool. Your next stage is either a phone interview or a video interview. How to prepare: Phone interviews are often conducted before an in-person meeting when costs need to be […]

Assessment Centre

The Assessment Centre: How to perform well?

A program that executives utilise to holistically appraise all aspects of a candidate due to the time constraints and narrow agenda of interviews. This procedure only occurs post success in online tests and telephone dialogue. Assessment centres are a competitive setup to filter the cream of the cream and contenders are put to the test, […]

A Presentation on a Pre-Arranged Commercial Topic

Formulate a display and practice presenting it before the actual event (where you would stage it to competitors and examiners). Subject areas are difficult to ascertain and might include Client-Consumer Relations, or Market Trends, depending on the sector and position you have applied to/for. Secure as much information as possible to be best prepared. Getting […]

A Group Discussion Around a Case Study

A group discussion around a case study is one of the prospective activities in the assessment centre. The essence of this session is appraising your teamwork propensity and your conversational capacity (including your ability to persuade others). This is also a stage where you can show off your diplomatic skills along with your analytical and […]

A Role-playing Exercise

A role-playing exercise is an interview practice. It is designed to see your skills in real-life situations. In this exercise, you have a chance to show off your potential, your ability to think on your feet and work spontaneously. You will be given some guidelines and time to prepare. The skills you are expected to […]

Case Studies

What is a Case Study? A case study is a form of assessment in which you are expected to analyse a situation and respond to it accordingly. You are to achieve based on the information you receive and deduce during the assessment. Case studies are in-depth activities, and it is important to prepare for them […]

Stuff You Need To Know For Any Elite Graduate Job

Details on Individual Sectors in the Industry

Beyond the First University Degree- How to Build an Elite Business Career

Getting a Professional Qualification

It is nearly impossible to secure a well-paying, stable job without relevant training. Our modern, industrialised world is focused on specialisation. To succeed you must be certified through intensive coaching that hones your competency expansion in your preferred career sector. Awarded by professional bodies, they give you the chance to gain valuable on-the-job experience through […]

Doing an MBA

MBAs should be considered after about two to three years. Here are some of the reasons to do an MBA: Corporations look highly upon interdisciplinary aptitudes. MBAs are formidable concerning progression up the ranks in an industry. Moreover, it will give you insight into novel fields that you haven’t dipped your toes in as of […]

2+2 Program

2 + 2 program

The Evolution of Your Professional Pathway

The evolution of your professional pathway can be summarised in seven points: To shine as a principal player in a corporation (CEO or Vice President), you need gleaming academic records. Preferably, get a bachelor’s and master’s qualification notched on your belt, or even a vocational certificate, if possible. Make sure your academics are centred around […]